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The ACNUC Sequence Retrieval System

ACNUC is a retrieval system for the nucleotide and protein sequence databases GenBank, EMBL, UniProt/SWISS-PROT or NBRF-PIR, and for many other databases following the same formats.

ACNUC allows to select sequences from many criteria from these databases, to translate protein-coding genes in protein, and to extract selected sequences in user files. ACNUC is very efficient in providing direct access to coding regions (e.g. protein coding regions, tRNA or rRNA coding regions) of DNA fragments present in GenBank and in EMBL.

See glossary of terms used by the ACNUC system.

ACNUC publication abstract and PubMed entry.
Remote ACNUC access publication abstract and PubMed entry.

ACNUC can be used by any of 4 means:

Browser access Remote Acnuc Access - database list local installation
client retrieval programs APIs - server
go there


database list
point & click: QUERY_WIN
terminal: RAA_QUERY
C language API
C++/Bio++ API
Python API
higher level access with classACNUC Python class
seqinR R package
remote acnuc access protocol
racnucd, the remote ACNUC access server
C language API
(very small) FORTRAN API
ACNUC management programs
ACNUC physical structure
local installation instructions
ACNUC Query language common to remote and local accesses. Summary of retrieval capabilities.