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The C++/Bio++ remote acnuc access API

The C++ remote acnuc access API is conceived as a part of the Bio++ libraries.


You should first install the Bio++ libraries if they are not already on your computer. Libraries bpp-raa, bpp-seq and bpp-core are necessary.


The bpp-raa library is used adding
#include "Bpp/Raa/RAA.h"
to your source files, and linking them with libbpp-raa, libbpp-seq and libbpp-core, and with the libz library (add -lz to your link command). Under SunOS, you'll also have to add -lnsl -lsocket to your link command. Bpp-raa defined classes are part of the bpp namespace.

Bpp-raa API.

The Bio++ API for remote acnuc access is performed through five classes. These classes allow:

All of this requires an internet connection and that the port 5558 is not closed by a firewall. To check whether outbound connection through this port works on your computer, type:
telnet 5558
in a terminal. You should obtain this reply:

	Connected to
	Escape character is '^]'.
	OK acnuc socket started

If nothing happens for a long time, then check your computer's firewall and/or ask your local network manager.


	#include "Bpp/Raa/RAA.h"

	using namespace std;
	using namespace bpp;

	int main(int argc, char **argv)
		RAA *myraa = new RAA("embl");
		Sequence *seq = myraa->getSeq("J01714");
		cout << "Name:" << seq->getName() << endl ;
		RaaList *mylist = myraa->processQuery("au=galtier", "galtier");
		cout <<  mylist->getCount() << endl;
		delete myraa;