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CpGProD (CpG Island Promoter Detection)

CpGProD is a mammalian-specific software which proposes to identify the promoter regions associated with CpG islands (CGIs). CpGProD uses the structural characteristics of the CGIs associated with promoters (start CGIs). In a first step, CpGProD searches for all the CGIs located over the sequences and, in a second step, CpGProD identifies start CGIs and orientation of the potential promoters.

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The sequences have to be masked with RepeatMasker


The sequences have to be masked with RepeatMasker

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If you use CpGProD in a published work, please cite the following reference:
Ponger, L. and Mouchiroud, D. (2001) CpGProD: identifying CpG islands associated with transcription start sites in large genomic mammalian sequences. Bioinformatics, 18, 631-633 [ Abstract ]