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MOTUS is a program written in C++ for coloured motif search and inference in vertex coloured graphs.


A manual is included in the package. It is also separately available here.

Algorithms implemented in MOTUS have been described in the following references:

MOTUS is distributed with Nauty, a program for computing automorphism groups of graphs and digraphs. Nauty has been developped by Brendan McKay who authorizes to include his package in other packages "with the exception of sale for profit or application with nontrivial military significance". The web page of Nauty is here.

How to get it

You may fetch version 1.1.3 of MOTUS (including nauty) as a gzipped tar file.


Vincent Lacroix
Biometry and Evolutionary Biology Lab
University of Lyon - France


The development of this software could not have been carried out without the valuable help of Odile Rogier and the PRABI.

Ludovic Cottret and Cedric Curcio have also given a very helpful hand in providing datasets and testing extensions.