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Local ACNUC installation instructions

ACNUC is a retrieval system for the nucleotide and protein sequence databases GenBank, EMBL, UniProt/SWISS-PROT or NBRF-PIR, and for any other database following the same formats.

ACNUC is updated at each new GenBank, EMBL, SWISS-PROT, and NBRF/PIR release.

Daily updates of local ACNUC databases are also possible.

ACNUC runs on UNIX systems, Windows NT/95/98/00/XP, MacOS 9/X. Tested UNIX systems include SUN, Linux on PC, IBM RS/6000, Silicon Graphics, DEC Alpha, Fujitsu UXP/M. ACNUC should be easily installed on any other UNIX platforms.

Local ACNUC installation is distributed by anonymous FTP and is available in two different formats:

  1. Interfaced with the flat files as distributed by GenBank, EMBL, and NBRF/PIR. These flat files can be obtained from the data base distribution centers by ftp.
  2. Interfaced with the GCG package (not for NBRF/PIR).

If the GCG package is installed on your site, then choose format 2) above because you will not duplicate the data base on your computer. You install a new database release for the GCG package yourself. Then you proceed to ACNUC installation that will access GCG files in read-only mode. If the GCG package is not installed on your site, choose format 1) above. If the database flat files are not already on your site, the acnuc installation procedure provides a procedure to get these files by FTP. Flat files are accessed by ACNUC in read-only mode.

ACNUC is made of:

  1. A database, that can be in one of 2 formats as said above;
  2. Two retrieval programs that differ only by their interface:
    • (local) Query_win, suitable for unix systems, PCs and Macintoshes, is written in C and uses the Vibrant library.
    • Query, suitable for simple terminal use, is written in ANSI C.
  3. A set of index files that are distributed by FTP by us.

ACNUC installation on unix is described in file install_acnuc.txt. ACNUC installation on MSWindows is described in file install_win95.txt.